Why i am qualified for a

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Why i am qualified for a

Sources Cooperative associations have been organized throughout history to carry out many different activities, often in response to economic and social stress. Cooperative organizations in the United States appeared very early, reflecting both the European heritage of early settlers and the basic need for cooperative solutions to rural conditions.

European Influences The development of U. During this period many small, home-based enterprises disappeared, forcing workers to move to cities where they faced harsh working conditions and low wages. In rural areas, the enclosure movement and changes in land tenure patterns drove many small farmers off their lands into towns and cities looking for work.

Building on trade and social guild traditions, mutual aid and "friendly society" organizations sprang up to address the conditions of the times, and contributed to the development of the cooperative business ideas.

How do you answer 'Why are you qualified to work here' in a job interview

Arguments that provided a broader rationale for cooperative organizations were articulated by Robert Owen and Charles Fourierwho were inspired by conditions of the period to search for paths to a more harmonious, utopian society. The more pragmatic William King advocated the development of consumer cooperatives to address working class issues, and his self-published magazine, "The Cooperator", provided information on cooperative practice as well as theory.

King emphasized starting small cooperatives with capital that could be supplied by its members. He stressed the use of democratic principles of governance, and the education of the public about cooperatives.

The wave of consumer cooperatives that followed included the Rochdale Cooperative, which is often cited as the prototype for the modern cooperative association.

Why i am qualified for a

A group of struggling weavers pooled their funds so that they could purchase quality goods and supply themselves at cost. These efforts were part of a broader vision in which other social needs could be met through cooperative action.

Building on the successes and failures of organizations that preceded it, the Rochdale pioneers codified the principles of a successful cooperative business operation. These were widely publicized and distributed, and are the basis of the seven cooperative principles that continue to influence cooperative practice.

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The s was a period of extreme famine and hardship in Europe, and cooperative responses emerged in other European countries as well. Raiffeisen and Herman Schulze organized cooperative loan and credit organizations. These were models for the cooperative banks that spread across Europe, and were the forerunners of credit unions and the cooperative farm credit system in North America.

Cooperative farm marketing and farm supply organizations took hold and flourished in Denmark in the s without government assistance or subsidies. The success of these cooperatives has been attributed in part to the Folk High School system. The schools were established to provide a non-formal, liberal arts education to adults, giving them the tools to be the active and engaged citizens who are key to a well-functioning democratic society.

Early history Cooperative development in specific economic sectors sometimes followed divergent paths, influenced by the social and market conditions of a given time and place.For example, if there's an open spot on an extremely analytically-minded team, Duffy may spring for a creative thinker to fill the gap.

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"Which is why it's hard for people sometimes when you don't. When a hiring manager asks you, “Why should we hire you?” they are really asking, “What makes you the best fit for this position?” Your answer to this question should be a concise “sales pitch” that explains what you have to offer the employer.

NICEIC provides assessment and certification services for contractors working across the building services sectors. We assess electricians, renewable energy . Many people have said to me in the past month, “I’m going to buy a home.” Or, “What do you think of the idea of me buying a home?” I like the second batch of people.

Dec 06,  · What makes you qualified for this position’ is a favorite question for interviewers to ask job applicants. While it may seem like a direct challenge to your qualifications and reasons for wanting the job- it is really an opportunity for you to add something about yourself that may not be on your resume/5(2).

Feb 08,  · From a "We need to upgrade — and here's why" perspective, it probably comes down to "InDesign is the industry standard." Publisher isn't designed — or targeted, really — to professional publishing or design of any kind.

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