The life and death of vincent van gogh

Reddit Flipboard His paintings are among the most adored in the world, and the story of his life and death is legendary: Vincent van Gogh was a troubled genius who killed himself. But while van Gogh was no doubt plagued by physical and mental illness, the authors of a new biography say their exhaustive forensic investigation suggests he may not have taken his own life. Tonight we offer a rare visual treat:

The life and death of vincent van gogh

Morley Safer is the correspondent. Tonight, once again, we offer a rare visual treat: The bare outline of his life: A biography published last year challenged a crucial part of the van Gogh legend.

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A year forensic investigation by two Pulitzer Prize-winning authors which has upended art history. Much of our report is magnificently illustrated by the artist himself. Here, outside the village of Auvers in the French countryside he loved, on the very edge of the wheat fields he painted so vividly -- here, lies Vincent van Gogh.

Alongside his devoted brother, Theo. It's just these simple headstones. Yeah, it couldn't be more moving knowing that Vincent spent most of his adult life wanting to be with Theo.

And to have them spend eternity lying next to each other is seriously touching.

The life and death of vincent van gogh

As we talked to co-author Steven Naifeh, a steady stream of pilgrims made their way through the fields to pay their respects at Vincent's grave.

Tens of thousands of them come every year. Japanese visitors actually bring the ashes of their ancestors to pour on the grave of the painter of "Starry Night.

These South Koreans brought music - [Visitor with iPhone: Whose paintings are now valued in the hundreds of millions of dollars and command center stage at the great museums of the world. The colors are beautiful and they're bright and they're cheerful. And if it's a bowl of flowers, it's an exuberant bowl of irises or roses.

If it's a landscape, it's all the beauty of the natural world washing over you. You don't have to have a degree in art history to understand that message. At the Musee d'Orsay in Paris - we talked of art and madness.

The life and death of vincent van gogh

Sitting by one of van Gogh's iconic self-portraits, painted in at Saint Paul, a clinic for the insane in Saint Remy, where he had himself committed for a year. Some other masterworks done at Saint Remy: Whether it's "Starry Night," with all that swirling sky, or the swirling brushstrokes in this painting, there are people who have said that this was a depiction of the craziness emanating from his mind.

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I don't think he's trying that at all. These beautiful, exquisitely colored blue brush strokes are really creating a pattern of unity and harmony and beauty.Jan 06,  · How rich art is! If only one can remember what one has seen.- Van Gogh in a letter to his brother "Dear Theo," the letters always began, and there were more than of them written by Vincent Van Gogh to his brother.

The painter spoke of his life, his finances, his health, his prospects, his opinions of the art world - but most of all he 4/4. This biographical documentary profiles one of history's most acclaimed artists, Dutchman Vincent Van Gogh (), on an unusually intimate vetconnexx.comry: Animation, Art House & International, Documentary, Drama, Musical & Performing Arts.

Find Vincent: The Life and Death Of Vincent Van Gogh at Movies & TV, home of thousands of titles on DVD and Blu-ray/5(3). Many film directors have grappled with this subject: Vincente Minnelli with Lust for Life, Robert Altman with Vincent & Theo, Maurice Pialat with Van Gogh.

But the perpetually underappreciated Cox (Innocence) has trumped them with simplicity and sheer intensity of feeling/5(24). For many decades, suicide was the unquestioned final chapter of Vincent van Gogh’s legend. But in their book, Pulitzer Prize-winning biographers Steven Naifeh and Gregory White Smith.

The following script is from "The Life and Death of Vincent van Gogh" which aired on Oct. 16,

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