It doesn t matter by nicholas g carr

The main thrust of his article is that organizations should treat information technology IT as a commodity in which it should attempt to keep costs to a minimum, minimize vulnerabilities, and avoid risk-taking.

It doesn t matter by nicholas g carr

Carr, argued that information technology no longer gives businesses a competitive edge. Carr called information technology managers impatient, wasteful, passive, and lured by the chorus of hype about the so-called strategic value of IT. Harvard Business Review hasextremely influential readers.

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I know what to do, but how to make it interesting? And now he has expanded his thesis into a new book called Does IT Matter? We see that IT apparently matters to Harvard. Carr himself has a website, nicholasgcarr.

IT apparently matters to Carr. IT matters to everyone. Two Trillion Reasons that I. Are they wasting their time?

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Again despite Carr, almost 60 percent say that the strategic importance of IT is increasing; only 2 percent say the importance is decreasing. Carr may claim these Harvard-MBA-type executives are foolish or misguided, but 55 percent feel that their companies should use information technology more aggressively; 43 percent feel their usage is just right; and only 2 percent feel that they should be less aggressive.

Presumably, these managers slavishly upgrade to whatever new thing vendors want to sell. But in the real world, millions of people already work hard to spend their IT budgets wisely.

The computer-trade press has been covering this complicated process for almost 40 years. In warding off his debunkers, Carr has offered some clarifications of his argument. Carr concludes that since information technology no longer provides a competitive advantage to businesses, they should stop spending wildly on advanced information technology products and services.

He admonishes managers to stop being suckers for the latest cool products from Cisco, Intel, Microsoft, Oracle, et al. IT managers should stop squandering corporate assets and begin acting in the best interests of their shareholders.

They should become boring minimizers of IT cost and risk. As evidence, Carr points out that my year-old baby, Ethernet, has been standardized and commoditized.This was a critique I wrote of Carr's "IT Doesn't Matter" that was published in Harvard Business Review.

1. Synopsis. Nicholas Carr has created a lot discussion in the IT scholarly field with nearly articles citing his article "IT Doesn't Matter" published in Harvard Business Review .

IT does so matter! By Kathleen Melymuka Our recent interview with Nicholas G. Carr about his article in the May issue of Harvard Business .

In this article, HBR's Editor-at-Large Nicholas Carr suggests that IT management should, frankly, become boring. It should focus on reducing risks, not increasing opportunities. 6/9/ Are we spending too much on technology? This provocative Harvard Business Review excerpt suggests that IT no longer conveys competitive advantage, so invest your capital elsewhere.

by Nicholas G. Carr In , a young Intel engineer named Ted Hoff found a way to put the circuits necessary for computer proces. IT Doesn’t Matter.

It doesn t matter by nicholas g carr

Nicholas G. Carr; From the May Issue for that matter, supply-chain management when you can buy a ready-made, state-of-the-art application for a fraction of the cost. Electricity, the telephone, the steam engine, the telegraph, the railroad In his HBR article, "IT Doesn't Matter," Nicholas Carr has stirred up quite a bit of controversy around IT's role as strategic business differentiator.

It doesn t matter by nicholas g carr
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